Annabelle Helmers 7 October 1986
About my family - I will start with my parents.  Ned Kibler (my father) was born in Manson,I went to
school there, and later worked at various jobs, drove for a livery barn.They kept horses and buggies 
for hire.  One could hire a driver or drive your own. He was a janitor at the school and also worked 
as a mechanic, setting up horse drawn machinery and repaired small gas engines.
Sena (my mother) was born at Pomeroy, grew up on the Blanden farm. Worked at various homes She came to 
Manson to work for the Kiblers and later she and Ned were married. They lived in Mason until 1918 when 
they moved with my Grandparents to a farm in Wisconsin. They lived there for 8 years, while  there Dad 
did some farming and each fall he worked for a man doing, threshing grain, corn chopping, and some 
clover hulling to explain that, threshing to get the clover seed.
After moving back to Iowa in 1926 they worked 5 years for Jack Kelly near Pocahontas. That job was just 
farming from planting to harvesting corn. It was just corn and oats in those days. From there they 
moved back to Wisconsin in 1931 and there they did some farming again. Seems like all that my parents 
ever did was move.  In 1937 they moved back to Iowa and lived near Bradgate, where they worked for a 
farmer.  After the farmer died we moved into town and Dad worked at an Implement Dealer and also did 
mowing for the county - after 5 years they moved back to Wisconsin. They lived at Shell Lake, where my 
brother was living. Mom and Dad both passed away in Wisconsin.