The Dirks Newsletter

August 2012

"Touched by a Rainbow from the Land of Oz"

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Henry E. McGinley


January 6, 1947   August 29, 2012


DARLINGTON, Mo. - Beloved husband, father and grandfather, Henry Eugene McGinley, of Darlington, passed away surrounded by his loving family, on August 29, 2012.

Henry was born to Henry Arthur and Leona Marcella (Dirks) McGinley on January 6, 1947, at the McGinley homestead near Darlington.

      As a boy, Henry attended the Darlington School until it closed in 1952, and was moved to the Albany school district.

On August 28, 1964, Henry was united in marriage to Mary Louise (Farnsworth) McGinley at a little Baptist Church in Faucett, Mo. To this union, four children were born.

Henry was baptized in September 1966, and was a member of the Darlington Baptist Church.

      His favorite song was “Amazing Grace.”  When we talked about Jesus coming, he would always laugh and say, “God told me when, but he told me not to tell!”

      Henry was talented in many areas of work, which included being a mechanic, over the road truck driver, concrete laborer, owning and operating his own bulldozers and as a heavy equipment operator for Damon Pursell Construction Co., until retiring in 2008.

Henry’s passion was farming and constructing and it was here on the farm, that he built the homestead for Mary and himself.

      He and Mary loved to raise a large garden and enjoyed all aspects of the farm life.

He was a gentle, loving husband, father and grandfather, who loved and cared for his family.

      For those who knew Henry, he was always willing to help anyone in need.

He was also known for accomplishing anything he set his mind to.

He enjoyed good company and could always make you laugh with his humorous side.

Henry was preceded in death by his parents; son, Charles E. McGinley and grandson, Jacob R. Smith.

      He is survived by Mary, his wife of 48 years; daughters, Mary Ann (Alan) Polley, Ridgeway, Mo.; Connie (Randall) Smith, Stanberry, Mo.; son, Kevin (Mary) McGinley, Maysville, Mo.; sisters, Bertha (Gene) Sowards, Springfield, Mo.; Lela (Joe) Whitmore, Chillicothe, Mo.; brothers, Donald (Linda) McGinley, Jerry (Nellie) McGinley, J.R. (Jennifer) McGinley, all of Darlington; grandchildren, Cory, Gregory, Tyler (Devany) and Andrew Polley; Ryan (Chalee), Steven and Taylor McGinley; Brooke, Brett and Brendan Smith; great-grandchildren, Jaelynn Polley, Ele Snow, Laine Snow and Khloe McGinley; aunts, uncle, nieces, nephews and cousins.


Dirks, Duane & Inez                                                                               31 Aug 12

133 Archdale Drive

Kingsport TN, 37663

First let me offer my heart felt condolences to the family and friends of Gene McGinley. May he now enjoy the Peace he was promised!

Inez and I are doing pretty good, sure, some of the afflictions of the older generation get to us too, but, all in all we have no reason to complain.  We have been blessed with pretty good health, have a nice home and able to travel when we see fit.  We also find it a benefit to have the so called “empty nest” although our Lab Missy at times can certainly take the place of a spoiled kid, must be Inez’s fault. [:-)

Had lots of rain the last part of July and early August but we could use a good rain or two now.  I tilled the garden where we are finished with any harvest and there are places where this maddening TN red clay was baked like a brick.  The old tiller I have will still break it up but I feel like I’m the one that’s broken by the time I’m finished. Plan on sitting on my dead behind as soon as I finish typing this note. I know it “ain’t winter”, but, no time like the present for a nice “winter” nap.

Inez and I have traded all the vehicles we had in the drive in the last couple of months, the 34 foot motor home was downsized to a 21 foot camper, Inez’s Altima was upgraded to a 2009 Ford Edge and I upgraded my 2004 Ford F-150 Super Crew for a 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty with the 6.7 liter diesel so there shouldn’t be any problem pulling that little camper anywhere we want to go. No, we didn’t find a windfall or were the beneficiaries of a huge inheritance, just spent some of our own hard earned IRA investments and of course that means spending the kid’s inheritance. Nope, don’t feel badly about that at all, we earned it we intend to enjoy it.

 Planning a trip to the Northeast the last part of Sept and then maybe another trip down South around Christmas time.  We shall see how all of this pans out.

As you can probably gather, all is well with this Dirks family, Hope the rest of the Dirks Clan is blessed as well.

Duane and Inez




Dirks, Florence                                                                                       30 Aug 12

1936 23rd St #2

Spirit Lake, IA 513560-1087

I am getting things ready for the Spencer Fair. I have to enter them Friday or Saturday as they judge things early.

It has been hot and they let the schools out early because of the heat. The corn fields are drying up and some of the farmers are chopping it to feed the animals. Some of the cornstalks are dry all the way, no green. It looks like December instead of August.

There is not much else going on here. I went to Circle on Wednesday. There were about 13 there. We vote on different things and they passed out the new program books.

Gas here went to $3.69 a gallon. It was $3.59 when I filled the van.

Wishing everyone well, Love, Florence


Dirks, John & Ruth

410 S. Westview

Derby, KS 67037

We have received some rain over the past couple of days—2”.  The Arkansas River stopped flowing at Wichita on Wednesday. Hopefully the 2” of rain got is flowing again—keep those mosquitoes moving.

Health wise---Ruth had a couple of lumps removed—one on her neck (was cancerous). They removed an area about the size of a walnut.  Then they removed a growth on her elbow---about the size of a marble.  She has been sore since then.  The post op checkup said the one on the neck was cancerous, but they think they got it all.

Getting slammed by politics---Some just can’t seem to see the light but wait till the train hits them.

Half of my retirement check ($500+) goes to health insurance that pays 80% of what Medicare doesn’t pay. That is 4% of the total bill Plus what they don’t cover in fine print. The minute I hit 65 the eye and dental care was not longer covered—Dental care is very expensive along with the eye care--- but I am being taken care of—that is what they tell me—Don’t Worry. My two nieces Cathy and Mary help me out – they send me $1 (50 cents each) so I can buy a cup of coffee.  Yes, coffee has increased in price.  They do this once a year.

I have subbed three days this year—calls come later and later each morning—7:15 a.m. this morning with a report time of 7:15 a.m. , but when they call this late I have an hour to get there. The classes have been Social Studies (Geography, History), Art, and Spanish.


    Things are getting busy--Trip to MO on Saturday to attend Gene McGinley’s memorial service. We had a nice trip and was happy to spend time with the family. I rested Sunday--replaced garbage disposal Monday--nothing went right--still leaking. Subbed for Spanish today (Tuesday). Looked at the calendar--newsletter needs to be typed (way behind), yard needs to be mowed.

 I have been working with ATT to get my bill lowered since I switched from DSL to U-Verse.  I am beginning to think the hassle was not worth the effort or the benefits. Had a bill for over $300 for internet and voice—No TV. To show their appreciation—they told me they would deduct (auto pay) on Sept 12. Got home from subbing and ATT had shut of the phone--Auto Pay due Sept 12th-- They didn't get their money (note: Sept 12 had not yet arrived.) They left me a message to call them--(how do you do that on a dead phone). I have been with them since 1955---I can't believe that they are that dumb.  I also have an email jrdirks@att,net that I lost the password to --- they tell me they sent the password to can't get to it because I don't know the password, so do not send any email to this address. I tried to pay them with a debit card-- they said my bank rejected it--checked with the bank--it was rejected because they tried to deduct a $0.00 amount. Is Cox any smarter?

John and Ruth


Dirks, Marvin & LaVonne                                                                      29 Aug 12

17326 590th St.

Fonda, IA 50574

The headlines in our papers read: Expect to Run Combines Early. The farmers may start corn early because the stalks are weak from summer heat. They will harvest all the corn this year before starting beans. The soybean outlook is showing a little more promise and has not been as stressful to them.

We left for the World Horseshoe Tournament on Sunday, July 29th, which was scheduled from July 30 - Aug. 11th at Knoxville, TN. We went to visit friends at Erie, IL for two days. From there it was 666 miles to Knoxville. He played at the huge Convention Center on Aug. 2-3-4. After the 2nd day he was in 1st place, and after the final 5 games he placed 2nd by half a game. He won a trophy and some cash.

The Convention Center was at the World's Fair Park and is the home of the 1982 World's Fair and the iconic Sunsphere where you can get a fabulous 360 degree view of the city. It was just beautiful!

On Sunday morning Aug. 5th we attended the Delegate Meeting and it was voted on holding the tournament at Buffalo, Niagara, N. Y., and July 14 - 26 in 2014. Next year the World will be held at St. George, Utah from July 22 - Aug. 3rd.

From there we traveled to Duane and Inez at Kingsport. We appreciated the hospitality of their home and the meals together while there and they showed us the scenic views of the Smokey Mountains.

We left Duane's at 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday and after 16 ˝  hours and 1,011 miles we arrived home at 1:45 am on Wednesday morning. We were glad to get back home. It was way to much time on the road!

The State Fair started the next weekend as we went four days to Des Moines. He enjoyed playing horseshoe games and keeping score for others. He placed 2nd and 1st in the Doubles and Singles play. I toured the walking grounds and spent time in the 4-H building and the cooking seminars. Zach received another Blue Ribbon on his oak dresser.

Last weekend I helped Leann's move Zach to Fort Dodge as he will attend ICCC classes there. He is very excited about his new Venture in the college world

Another month is soon here with all the Monday Labor Day celebration festivities going on.

I want to wish John and Ruth a Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, September 18th, and also a very special Happy Birthday to Ruth on Sunday, September 30th. Sending our Love and Good Health and Happiness in the years to come.

Marv and LaVonne

Hartman, Mary Lou                                                                                22 Aug 12

908 13th Ave

Manson, IA 50563

Hello everyone in Dirksland. I hope this letter gets to you in time. We sure have been having some nice weather, sounds like we might get some rain tonight, I hope so.

Boots and I are doing fine; he’s such a good watch dog. He know when someone is here before they ring the doorbell.

A group of ladies and me go to Twin Lakes every Tuesday for breakfast. We usually have 2-3 cars full and its fun. Once in a while three of us will go out for supper. Friday night is my high school class reunion. It’s our 55th, doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been out of school that long. There were nine of us in the Senior Class. I think we lost one member. I hope the others show up.

The lawns are really getting brown and I noticed the flowers are dying too. My garden hose won’t reach the garden in the backyard. I think next spring it will be torn up. It is too hard to keep up and it’s big. I have flower beds on each side of my house and that is enough.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather. It won’t be long and the farmers will be in the fields doing the harvesting.

I hope everyone is well and God be with you all.

Until next month, Mary Lou


Ihnen, Jeffrey                                                                                          2 Sep 12
2705 S. 13th Street
Arlington, VA 22204
    We have again missed the last couple of months and thought we would give a summary of our spring.
    Jeffrey spent a week with the Boy Scout troop at scout camp. He mostly first and second year scouts this year. The weather was very hot at the beginning of the week and slowly cooled off as the week went by. This was Jeffrey’s last summer camp as Scoutmaster. To celebrate, he left a half day earlier, so that he and Marcia could travel to New Jersey for a barbecue that Colleens’ mother had for Colleen and Andrew before they left for California.
    We spent our annual week at Rehoboth Beach with family and friends July 20-27. Joel, Andrew and Colleen, Kerry and Joan, Carolyn and Fran, the Michael Walsh family (Michael, Tiffany, Madison and Jack), Marian Jack and their daughter Maeve, Virginia and her children (Tadhg and Tierney), and our friends from New Hampshire all spent the week at the beach. It was a generally a good “beach” week although it was hot.
Andrew and Colleen came to our house after the beach as they worked to make the final arrangements for their move to California. They had to return to New Jersey to see that everything was set to go.
     Marcia and Jeffrey traveled with our friends Larry and Laurel Cerruti to Branson August 3-12, with two days on each end as driving days as the trip was just under 1200 miles each way. We had a good time seeing some shows, pontoon boating on a lake and generally sight-seeing.
    We continue following the major league baseball season with our season tickets for the Washington Nationals and made our down payment for post-season play.
    It is hard to believe that it is Labor Day already, and we wish everyone a happy one.

Until next month, Jeffrey and Marcia

Ihnen, Kerry & Joan                                                                               31 Aug 12

9452 E 3300 N Rd

Steator, IL 61364

      Hi Dirks family, The first half of August was nice and cool. Much better than July and we even had some rain but not soon enough to save the corn.

      Took Mary tovisit Kerry in Omaha early in August. Kerry gave her a driving tour of the area and took us to eat at 2 good restaurants he has tried. The following Thursday Mary and I made a one day trip to Omaha so we could meet Andrew and Colleen there. They were travelling through on their way to California. We got there at 5 and Andrew and Colleen at 6. We had a nice visit with them and dinner.

      Mary and I headed home friday morning. Kerry came to Iowa that night. The Ihnen reunion was that Saturday and we had a nice visit with everyone that came. I am in Illinois now packing winter clothes to take Omaha. A new contract has been agreed upon and Kerry will be working there for 3 more years. So I am going to join him some time in September. I am looking forward to seeing what it is like to live in the city, Kerry and I have always lived in a rural setting so this will be a big change. Hope this finds you all well.

Joanie and Kerry


Ihnen,  Mary                                                                                           02 Sep 12

410 N 10th St

Northwood, IA 50549

Hello friends. Will get this sent before I forget.  Told Jean when she asked where summer had gone—it went that away .  The 1st week-end Joanie and I went to Omaha so I could see where Kerry was living.  He took me on a riding tour of the area and went out to dinner both evenings.  I was impressed by display in park so went back on Sunday and walked through it.  It was in honor of wagon trains heading west.   Wagons pulled by horse, mules, oxen, with people walking,----you have to see it to believe it.  I have told several people about it.  Maybe the Marvin Dirks have seen it since one of their sons live there. 

Then the next Thursday . Joanie and I made a flying (speedy) trip back to meet Andrew and Colleen there as they were on their way to their new home in California.  Had blood work up the 14th for my pre-op exam on the 21st.  It was at 7 so made an early morning for me—was really hungry by time was done as had to fast for it.    The 21st first appointment was at 1 so Joanie and I went to lunch first , second was at 2 then 3rd at 3:15.  Made a full day of it. 

Got sick the evening of the 24th with terrible back pains and lower stomach pains.  Put up with it till Wed then decided to go to Dr.  Spent from 9:15 till 12:30 in clinic---first here then there--took ex-rays—checked stomach—took urine test—what have you.  Put me on antibiotics for ten days.   Today (2nd of Sept.) is first I have felt better am holding my breath it stays that way, as have eye surgery on the 13th.  Haven’t done much except lay around and read since not up to par.  Hope to get back to walking my mile again tomorrow and my quilting.  

We had a good rain a couple weeks ago but is back to being dry and they have put a no burn policy back on.    Corn is pretty much gone with some hope for beans.    Am worried my azalea plant won’t make it---think I forgot to water it soon enough.   Oh well will just start another.    Better put my wee roast in.   Hope every ones health is on the way up. 

      Mary Ihnen  

Killough, Jimmie                                                                                     25 Aug 12

5400 Walnut Ave Unit 810

Dowers Grove, IL 60515

Let me know if you need more coffee money.  Lol I too have AT&T and I have a package for two lines and DSL only at it is about $150 a month. Unlimited call anywhere, anytime in the continental U. S.

 My cable is with Comcast and I get the digital package (no sports) and threaten them I will take my business elsewhere if they take me off the discount promo package they offer.  I pay $54 a month for their silver cable package.

 I have only getting my social sec a little over a year and next year I will hit 65 in Nov.  I am certain things will change on the benefits at that time.

 My vision ins. costs more yearly than they pay out in benefits so I dropped that.  Kept the dental, but it's not much better.  The receptionist who handles the ins. at the dental office must hate to see me come in as it costs them more money to file the paperwork than they get back. Went to the eye doctor on Wed. and he dilated my eyes so much that I had to wear shades until 10 p.m. that evening. Early glaucoma was the diagnosis.  Drops for a month and then go back and give him some more money.

 You know, I used to talk to my friends and cousin's about vacations the next big adventure and concerts.   Now it's doctor visits followed up by more doctor visits to the



specialist they send you too when they can't figure out the problem.  lol

 Off to Sams Club

 Talk to you later, Jim


McGinley, Mary

5060 370th St. Box 27

Darlington, MO 64438

Hello from Missouri, Just got done reading the news letter. Johnny, you are right about the time flying by so fast. I have a pill box that I fill up weekly and it seems that I fill it up every other day. And the weeks and months go by so fast. I told Gene that next month will be September and to me winter is just around the comer. It's so hard for me to remember what day it is, so I have to mark them off of the calendar to keep track. Is it the time escaping me or old age!J

It's going to be another hot one today even though it is not as hot as it had been. I pity people that have no air conditioner. Things around here are burning up. Some of the leaves have fallen off the trees and bushes. Even the weeds are not doing too well either. I have heard some that have gardens, say that they are not doing well either. Not surprising that the ponds are really going down and the farmers have not got the grasses to feed their stock because of the drought.

I have been trying to take a little walk the last couple days in the evening to get a little exorcize. I get so tired setting around the house all the time and not getting out. I don't like to get too far away from the house in case Gene should need me as he is still not well at all. I always have his cell phone by him and mine with me in case he needs me if I happen to be out of the house or have to run to town for meds or something. Please keep praying for his recovery.

The kids have been so good about helping when the time comes. Kevin runs us to Omaha when Gene has to go see his doctor there or needs to check into the hospital there. The girls try to help when they can, but as they work it is hard for them to always get away. If I take Gene to St. Joseph it is no problem because I can run him down there. I use to drive in Kansas City but as I get older I haven't the courage to drive in the big cities anymore. Seems I have to take Gene to Albany Hospital at least once a week to get fluids as he still will not drink much or eat hardly anything. If it were not for the feeding tube he would have starved to death long ago.

Johnny, I really enjoyed your letter this month as they part that you wrote about "Time goes so fast" made me chuckle a little. It's good to see some humor in the letters that we write.

PS: How blessed I am, how fortunate I've been ... That you are our Uncle and also our friend.J

God bless and take care,  Mary

Mary—Ruth and I feel very blessed also to have you and your families as our relatives and friends. We are going to miss Gene and his positive attitude and keen sense of humor. You have a great family and if you need someone to talk to—just give us a call.


Nelson, Marj                                                                                           29 Aug 12

11937 Aneta St

Culver City, CA  90230

Greetings from Sunny California,   I am here at Roger's in Huntington Beach, had a couple of busy days.  Alie had to run to the Los Angeles airport on Friday morning to pick up Omar's brother, so I took a ride with her to Culver City.  I stayed at Henry's folks on Friday and Saturday.  They took me to the food bank to see my old friends.  Saturday morning we when to a lot of garage sales.  I found a black purse that I needed.  Roger came about 4 o'clock and we went to a Stuff Pizza and meet a few of Ron's old buddies that where here from Wisconsin and Mexico.  

This Tuesday, Roger took me back to Culver City to go to a funeral of one of the old neighbors Bob Brown.   After the service we went to his son’s house and got to visit with all the kids and see a few other neighbors.  I am not used to all the running around and believe you me I did get tired as I am used to having my nap in the afternoon. 

Roger is busy with Jamie as she started back to high school today.  I am just enjoying the nice weather.  Took a walk to the 99 cent store and I am going to make Chip Beef and gravy on a biscuit for dinner tonight.  That was one of his favorite meals when he was at home and it sure is easy to make.

All is going well with the Zometa treatment, so far no ill effects just trying to recuperate from the fall.  I still have the problem of sitting and getting out of a chair.   

 Bye for now, Marj 

Nomann, Larene                                                                                     18 Aug 12

906 4th Ave NW

Pocahontas, IA 50574

Dear Dirks families. It really feels like fall this morning with a temperature of 70° and the night at 47°. We are getting a list mist today. We are still very dry. A rain would probably help the soybeans but not the corn.

This month we had two “Do Days” working on “World Relief Quilts” and from now on until May of 2013 we will work two days a month.

Some of my friends have been giving me sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are so good. I have not had a garden since Harold has been gone. I have so many allergies due to weeds, grass, and so many outside plants.

This week Leonard, Shirley and I are going to my sister, Lucille and Roger Boelman, at Belmond to celebrate my birthday. On Wednesday it the Annual Farm Bureau meeting, also a dinner and Friday the “Coffee Girls” are having a party for me at the Family Table. The next Sunday is the Hohensee Reunion at the Pomeroy Community building.

This week I am getting a new picture window in the living room. All the other windows have been replaced. Arnie and Carolie will come to measure and get some kind of blinds.

My prayers go out to all the sick.


Piercy, Marcella                                                                                      27 Aug 12

PO Box 6

Newell, IA 50568

Well school has started so we know what is coming next, fall and winter before we know it. We did get ˝” of rain Saturday so it looks like I will have to mow this week. I haven’t mowed all the yard for three weeks.

I seem to keep busy helping the neighbors and doing mending for people as it seems like none of them have sewing machines.

Some of the family will be here this weekend.  I hope we have good weather as I need to get some outside work done. I need to make a doctor appointment for a protein checkup. The family is all okay and really busy.

Well take care and wishing a speedy recovery to those that are ill.


Sanders, Dale & Cathy                                                                           29 Aug 12

201 NE 6th St

Ankeny, IA 50021-1840

Dear Family, Well, it has been a hot summer and the heat continues!  We have had about ˝” of rain the other day.  Now it is back to being in the 90’s again.  I guess we shouldn’t complain, because we could be scooping snow and having below zero temps! J

Not much has been going on around here, same old thing, going to work and coming home.  The garden has slowed down a lot.  I was able to do a few batches of bread & butter pickles.  Now I am making some salsa.

The rest of the family is doing well.  Grandkids are back in school.  We are planning on going to Mom’s for Labor Day.  Gary and Laura are planning on driving up for one day. 

Hoping everyone has a safe Labor Day!

Cathy and Dale Sanders


Villwock, Jim & Pat                                                                               25 Aug 12

106 Lakeville Dr

Aledo, TX 76008-3925

The dental we have is a joke... Sold as $1k but they diffy it out so we have to spend $3k to get the $1k. Makes me angry when politicians and others think when we reach 65 we turn STUPID and become inferior.

FYI... For what it's worth ...Please go to the health food store and get FLAX oil and FLAX. Grain... Start using every day. Sprinkle on cereal... Mix in yogurt... Sprinkle over salad... Anything! Research via internet. The Cancer cure drug co doesn't want anyone to know about cause they can't make any money by patenting. Most of the research in other countries but there is some thought it stops it(C) in its tracks. BRAGG brand apple cider vinegar in tsp local honey every day helps body acid PH so it is not a good environment for disease. I drink in 8 oz water. Gotta take care of ourselves...

<26> Wow! A fun toy... The joy stick! Afraid I am not your best source! Yes... Use Google every day on my job! About 2/10” of rain... Soft and gentle for a change. Jenna however had a very scary direct transformer hit by lightening near her apt building this morning! She said they felt electricity go thru their bodies and freaked them pretty bad.


Widlund, Kathryn                                                                                   6 Aug 12

PO Box 31

Palmer, IA 50571

Hello to everyone. My here it is August already. I am sure not ready for that month yet. Schools and colleges start soon.  Did the children really have a vacation? Ballgames, swimming, etc. have kept them busy. I can’t believe I will have two great-grandchildren to be in Senior High this year, where did the time go.

The last couple of days we finally got a break in our hot and humid weather. It feels nice because it is coming back. We really need rain.

The Iowa State Fair starts this week. The TV shows a lot of campers already there. This is a big Fair for many people.

Pray that everyone is doing well.