The Dirks Newsletter

September 2012

"Touched by a Rainbow from the Land of Oz"

The Dirks Newsletter is compiled monthly and mailed around the 5th. The newsletter is mailed to those who write each month and to those who are unable to write due to health reasons.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide material for those doing genealogy research and to keep family and friends aware of current events. Please send your inputs to “The Dirks Newsletter", 410 S. Westview Derby, KS 67037. The newsletter will be posted on the website ____________________________________                                                      


Bockelmann, David                                                                                29 Sep 12
46540 Co. Rd. 22
Windom, MN 56101

      Hi Family! The weather up here hasn’t changed--severe drought. The farmers are over half done with the harvest and most are working the land for next year. The temps have been so mild that we sat through Seth’s football game Friday night wearing light jackets. They won their Homecoming game and Seth had a good night quarterbacking.

      Our garden is done for the year; I did get four dozen quarts of tomatoes canned and froze sweet corn, zucchini, apples and pear pies. We got some pickle relish before the shrews started eating the middles out. A neighbor gave me grapes and they made excellent jam. We got a few watermelons and are still hoping for a couple cantaloupes.

      The kids are protesting their Michelle Obama school lunches and many have gone to bringing lunch from home or going without lunch. Many go through the ala carte line for nachos, pizza, bosco sticks, hot ham & cheese, chicken & swiss or chuck wagons, muffins, ice cream & cookies! They used to like their hot lunches three years ago. I helped out at the elementary in Slayton and we were constantly changing the bags in the garbage cans where most of it was deposited. No one was begging for someone else’s food and many ate the raw vegetable and threw the rest. I think that’s where all the country’s money has gone--down the drain with the school lunches!

      Dave and I are planning a short trip to Green Bay, WI this week; Cole is watching the dogs and cats for us. We keep family in our prayers and hope this finds all doing well.

Love, Norine and Dave


Dirks, Duane & Inez                                                                               30 Sep 12

133 Archdale Drive

Kingsport TN, 37663

      Not sure as of yet of the Dirks Newsletter at DKSNEWS is working so will send this by the usual e-mail address that I use to send notes to you. Actually I’m not really that sure which e-mail address I should be using to get mail to you. Need to have you send out a mail with the correct address/es and I will delete those that don’t work anymore or are questionable. 

      Realize that many in the country especially the Midwest have been having drought and that crop yields have been dramatically reduced in many areas, but, we were some lucky and started getting rains the last part of July and have here and there gotten some addition rain with just a little more than an inch in the last couple of days. I am waiting today for the grass to dry out so I can get my yard mowed and the one across the street for old friend John Schlingman. Overall probably have a little more than an acre to mow which doesn’t sound like much until you understand that both places have a number of rock outcroppings and in my yard I doubt you could find a level place – mostly ups and downs and I do need to use the independent brakes on my garden tractor to navigate the terrain.

       Inez and I took most of a week –starting Friday of last week and coming home on Wednesday of this week – visiting areas in Virginia such as the Civil War memorial at Appomattox VA where Confederate General Lee surrendered the army of the South to Union General Grant. After visiting some of these sites and getting a better understanding of the totals causality both in the maimed and killed, you would wonder just how anyone could have labeled this a “CIVIL” war.  We also visited the Nauticus Museum at Portsmouth VA and walked the decks of the battleship USS Wisconsin that is moored there and attached to the museum.  

      We pulled our little camper with the new (to us) F-250 diesel pickup and for sure we didn’t have to worry about not having the power to run up and down the hills of the Appalachians. Was a nice trip and were are kind of getting our camping legs back under us after not really being on the road for about 5 or more years with the exception of our move to TN and the two weeks we were back to the Midwest in July. We like to travel so intend to make it more of a habit than a happening; all we need to do yet is get our hound dog Missy used to traveling and sleeping in the camper or the truck.  We are not naïve enough to not expect some surprises down the road.

      All is well with us, do hope the same for the rest of the Dirks Clan

Duane and Inez


Dirks, Florence                                                                                       25 Sep 12

1936 23rd St #2                                                                                      

Spirit Lake, IA 513560-1087

Hi to everyone. It is warm out today, the sun is shining. The farmers combined corn east of me, sure was dry. We had two nights of frost. I brought my flowers into the garage and took them out again.

      I have Circle tomorrow. I have to take a cake plate back to a lady that brought birthday cake to me. It sure was good. I got all my things from the Spencer Fair. I got 7-blue and 1-red ribbons, $15 in prize money. I filled the van with gas yesterday. It was $3.85/gal, it was $3.89 before that, and it went down.

      II went to the doctor last Tuesday, he said everything was O.K., but the blood sugar was up a little. Darold called last night and said his blood sugar was good and he may go off his medications.

      I am back to knitting caps, mittens and scarves. I wish everyone to stay well and healthy.

Love to all of you, Florence


Dirks, John & Ruth                                                                                05 Oct 12

410 S. Westview

Derby, KS 67037

      This has been a busy month with social visits to the doctors, subbing, robotics, quilting, etc.  Ruth and I are staying healthy.

      The weather has turned cold and supposed to freeze tonight. We are getting a little mist now and then but no moisture. The farmers are harvesting bean and sunflowers and are starting to plant winter wheat.

      Not sure when I will get the newsletter done as I have been subbing from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and then robotics until 5:00 p.m. After that we go out to eat, so it is a good 12 hour day.

      Hope everyone is doing well.

John and Ruth


Dirks, Marvin & LaVonne                                                                      26 Sept 12

17326 590th St.

Fonda, IA 50574

      Wow! Summertime is gone and fall is certainly here. The country sides are so busy the harvesting the corn and beans. They are busy changing heads on the combines—going from corn to beans and back again. The yields are surprising too---even in the same field it really does vary. When the wind is blowing it is very dusty on the roads and in the fields after the machines. We are having beautiful harvest days, it really cools down overnight , but the sun is great during the day with even some frost at night.

      Fall is football weather and the schools have busy schedules. Newell/Fonda celebrates their homecoming this weekend---next weekend in Pocahontas. Jordan (freshman) plays on the Pocahontas JV and C team.

      Leann and Tom returned from a week trip to NAMIC’s 117th annual convention held in Grapevine, TX. They also visited some friends on the way.

      Kerry came home one weekend to attend the 30th class reunion at the home of a classmate near Albert City.  Katie and Jim came from Kansas City to attend a wedding at Marcus on Saturday and we had a BBQ with them at Marvin Jr. and Dianne’s on Sunday before they went back home.

      Last Wednesday Miranda (Roger and Cindy) was honored at the Newell-Fonda High School into the National Honor Society. Both of her grandmothers (Jeanette and I) attended the ceremony and enjoyed the luncheon.

      Then I went to visit Aunt Marcella to see if she was doing O.K. She really needed a rest from mowing that morning. She said I was her angel that day. I truly believe that too. She needs some help with that large yard.

      I attended a one day retreat at Twin Lakes Christian Center.  I heard the brother of Coach Ed Thomas, Greg Thomas of Parkersburg tell his story of the famous brother about his tragic death in the school locker room. He also had is book, “The Sacred Acre” for sale. Our bible study was lead by a young gal from Sheldon with a powerful story on “Forgiveness.” What terrific and empowering stories we heard that day.

      Leann and I enjoyed the Spencer Fair on day and Marv and I went on Senior Day. Florence Dirks does such beautiful and fancy crochet sewing on her many projects she has entered. She received many blue ribbons. That is a wonderful pastime for her.

      This week I plan to attend the monthly Circle meeting at Pomeroy. I see the taxes are due before the weekend.

      Enjoy the fall season that is ahead of us and all the beautiful colors to come. It is also time to change my perpetual calendar for October.

                                                                                                        Marv and LaVonne


Ihnen, Kerry & Joan                                                                               01 Oct 12
1215 Mayberry Plaza
Omaha, NE 68108

      Hi Dirks Family, The beginning of the month Kerry and I travelled to western MD for my Mom’s family’s annual reunion. My brothers and I used to meet at my great Aunt Do’s for this reunion but she passed away last year, so we all stayed at the Holiday Inn. It was a very busy weekend with several other family reunion groups and a wedding groups staying there.

      Kerry and I came in on Friday night, the rest came on Saturday. Because of how busy it was they couldn’t get in their rooms until 4, a little stressful with 3 little ones and 6 adults in our room. Had a great visit and the weather the next day for the reunion was a little rainy but warm. Kerry and I headed home Sunday evening as he had to back to Omaha for work on Tuesday.

      The rest of the month is kind of a blur. Kerry’s Mom had cataract surgery in the middle of the month. Kerry came to Iowa every weekend. Kerry’s brother Jerffrey and his wife Marcia came from Virginia for a visit at the end of the month.

      The weather is beautiful and so are the trees. Hope everyone is enjoying this great fall display.

Joanie and Kerry


Ihnen,  Mary

410 N 10th St

Northwood, IA 50549

      Hello to all the Dirks clan. The month of September saw me and Joanie taking a lot of trips to clinic in Albert Lea MN. Had cataract surgery on the 13th (Stephanie went with me that trip). The 13th went back for first check and everything went as it should and my vision had already improved from 20-60 to 20-40. Went back the next week for another check and vision was 20-20. Now if I were just done with the drops. They are a pain as I can’t seem to get the hang of putting them in by myself so makes a lot of running for Joanie, Stephanie, Naomi, and Jessica.

      Jeffrey and Marcia came on the 20th so she got in on putting in some of the drops. Had a good visit and Bryan and Karen came up on the 23rd so they got to visit too? J and M left to go back to Arlington on the 24th.

       Farmers have really been busy getting crops out. Stephanie is helping out at elevator during this time and she says she will really enjoy her retirement even more as she is putting in some long hours. Don’t think she thought it would be like it is.

Until next month everyone stay healthy. Mary


McGinley, Mary                                                                                     03 Sep 12

5060 370th St. Box 27

Darlington, MO 64438

      Hello from Missouri, Thought I had better try and get a letter out to you all. First of all I want to thank everyone for the cards, prayers, calls, and donations at the time of Gene's parting. I for one did not understand the loss of one so close until I lost Gene. It's as if they take a part of you with them because it leaves such an emptiness in one. If it hadn't been for the kids I would have it a lot harder. I feel for those that don't have any children.

      We are now praying for the recovery of Gene's brother Jerry as he is going through about the same thing that Gene did, however he seems to be doing somewhat better after his surgery as far as not feeling so ill all the time and he is able to eat a little. It will take him a little while to regain his strength. Please keep him in your prayers.

      We are also praying for Gene's brother Don as he is and has been having trouble with his leg for quite some time. As far as I know the rest of the kids are doing as well as can be expected considering our age.

      My daughter Mary Ann called yesterday (Oct. 2,2012) and told me I was great grandma again. Her oldest son Cory and Hanna had a little girl that they named Brilee Gene in remembrance of her grandpa Gene. I thought that was very nice. I now have three great granddaughters and two step granddaughters. Wow, that sure makes me sound old.J

      The sun is shinning brightly today, however it is suppose to start cooling down after today. I will have to bring some of my flowers in as it is suppose to freeze. I must say, I hate to think about winter coming. The thought of trudging through the snow is not a pleasant thought. The thought of having to drive in it is an even worse thought.

      I hope this day fmes everyone doing okay. May God bless you all.

Love, Mary



Nelson, Marj                                                                                           01 Oct 12

11937 Aneta St

Culver City, CA  90230

      Greeting from Hot Sunny California, The  weather has been hot for the whole month of September.  I love it but Roger and Jamie turn the air conditioner on and I have to put on a sweater and cover up with a blanket while I watch TV. 


Friday, Sept. 21st was an exciting day here in California as we got to see the shuttle Endeavour came to the museum.  It flew of Boeing where Roger works.  Roger called me to tell me it would be flying by his house soon.  I went out and set in the front yard and watched it fly by.  It was quit a sight to see the shuttle on top of the 747, and more special as Roger had worked on that scuttle and worked on the 747. I didn't get any pictures as I didn't have my camera ready and it went by fast. 

      Saturday, the 29th we went out to Camarillo to Alie and Omar's to celebrate Malia 2nd birthday.  It was a beautiful day.  Omar barbequed chicken, hamburger and hot dogs.  We had a lot to eat as almost everyone brought a dish as Omar has a big family, he has 4 brothers   Lots of friends so lots of kids.  It was like the good old days   They had one of those jumping gyms and the kids spent a lot of time jumping in it.  I got tired just watching them and some of the boys where really wild.

      Roger has a bush in his front yard and these things were falling from it, I finally found out they are pineapple guavas.  I went on the computer and found out they are editable.  I try one today and it wasn't bad , definitely they are a tropical fruit.   

      I am packing and ready to fly to Hawaii in the morning.  I will be staying with Linda in Honolulu until December 6th.

      Hope this finds everyone feeling better and ready for another month as they sure go by fast.



Nomann, Larene                                                                                     18 Sep 12

906 4th Ave NW

Pocahontas, IA 50574

      Hi to all the Dirks families. It got pretty chilly last night but we did miss the frost. It has been a hot and dry summer. The farmers are harvesting corn and beans; this is the earliest anyone can remember. The yield is a little below normal. We have not been as dry as the southern and western parts of Iowa.

      I worked all week tying and finishing edges on seven quilts. I really had some sore fingers. The edges on the denim ones are not easy. My co-chair and I did one ourselves for our church secretary’s son for college. She sews the blocks. We  both tied it and I did the edges.

      The picture window is done and really looks nice. Arnie and Coralie flew here one day for my birthday and it happened to be the same day the window was done. They measured for the new blinds like they have in their new house. They will get them in Wisconsin and come and install them for me. They had a store in Viroqua where they sold carpeting, drapes and sewing machines. It got to be too much with is hospital job.

God be with you all, Larene

Piercy, Marcella                                                                                      25 Sep 12

PO Box 6

Newell, IA

      Hello everyone. Well we survived the summer, now we will have to see shat the fall and winter weather will be like. The grass is green again, so I am still mowing. I had my lawn sprayed for dandelions.

      I keep busy with the neighbors and friends. One is leaving tomorrow for the south. Some of the family was here for Labor Day weekend. We had lots of food and fun.

      I went to the doctor last week and the A1C was not to good, protein average, kidneys good. I will see the dentist next week.

      I defrosted the upright freezer in the garage. Next week I will start my fall cleaning, also need to do the outside windows this week.

      Well good health to all who are ill.

Take care, Marcella


Sanders, Dale & Cathy                                                                           25 Sep 12

201 NE 6th St

Ankeny, IA 50021-1840

      Hi, well, not much changes around here.  We get up, go to work, eat and sleep and the next day we do the same thing.

      The leaves are starting to turn and the garden is all done.  The farmers are busy in the fields.  They should be done way ahead of schedule this year!  Sounds like the crops are yielding better than they first thought.

      We have the International Quilt Show in Des Moines from October 3 – 6 at the Iowa Events Center.  The shop where I work is vending, so my boss, Kelly and I will be working the booth from 9 am until 6 pm each day.

Gary’s wife, Laura has completed her yearlong paramedic training and has passed the national test and practicals.  She will graduate and receive her pin at a ceremony on October 5th.  We are so proud of her!  She was hired last year by the Des Moines Fire Department.

      Ben and family are very busy, since school has started.  Our grandson, Carter is attending Chow’s Gymnastics ( where Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas trained) , he is doing very well and really enjoying it.  One never know we might have a Gold medalist in our family! J  Grand-daughter, Peyton is trying to decide what she would like to do for an extracurricular activity.  She is 11 years old.

      Kayla (grand-daughter) is attending Iowa State (Ames), she is majoring in Meteorology and working part-time at Buffalo Wild Wings.

      Well, time for bed.

Love and take care, Cathy and Dale


Widlund, Kathryn                                                                                   9 Sep 12

456 Richart Box 31

Palmer, IA 50571

      Hello everyone. Today is the 7th of September already and a very nice sunny day, no strong blowing wind. Sure has a touch of fall though, this changed in a hurry.

      I can’t believe some corn is being combined already as it is on September. The leaves have been falling too. I am afraid our fall colors are not going to be very pretty. We will miss that.

      Another lady and I served goodies for coffee after church today. I enjoy doing that and to see others enjoying it too.  We started our sewing days at church again. It is fun to see what we can put together.

      I think of everyone many times. I am hoping the best for everyone.

Take care, Kathryn