The Wayne Pavlicek's   Oct 1989

I belong to Dorothy (Henry Hohensee).  I am the oldest of four.
Just to tell you about my family. I graduated from high school in '64 married in
 '65, had a still born in '67.  Gave birth to my first son in '68. Divorced in 
'71.  Met a Bohemian in '72, married in '75, had twins in '76 and here it is 
Wayne, my husband, is a real neat guy. He stands 6'4" and weighs 270 lbs., just
a small guy. He works in maintenance for the State Dept of Roads here in 
Fairbury, NE.  He loves to hunt, fish and umpire.  He umpires a lot of ball and
state tournaments.  Cut down on bowling to one night a week but still carries a
195 average.  Very easy going and just loves people.
Brice, my oldest is a junior at the University of Nebraska in Engineering. Was
very active in high school.  Played football, basketball, track, baseball and
bowling.  Was always on the honor roll.  Went to Nationals for extemporaneous
speaking in U.J.C.A. Guess he got the gift of gab from his mother. Was an Eagle
Scout and received all his pins.  Got a $1200 a year scholarship from the Elks
but that doesn't pay all his way to the UN.  He is a waiter at Valentino's Pizza
on South 27 in Lincoln.  Really loves the tips. Been going with Val for about
4 1/2 years so wedding bells are probably in the future. She will graduate in 
December from the University.
Twins are 13 and going on 25.  Heidi is the hour-long dresser. She will comb her
hair twenty times. I tell her she takes after her Aunt Judy. Plays volleyball(0-3)
for the season, basketball, runs hurdles for track and pitches and plays second
base for softball.  Bowls in Junior League and carries a 124 average. Was in Girl
Scouts but troops weren't very strong so she dropped out. Started her cooking
from scratch this summer.  She really liked it but sure did make a mess and 
took forever.  Guess its better she learns the right way and not be like her 
mother and dump and pour.
Brian is also active in sports. Plays football, basketball, and track, pitches
and catches in baseball, also bowls and carries a 129 average. He is very active
in Scouting. Only two ranks from Eagle. Working on his third religious award.
Heidi and him were the first kids in the nation to receive the God and Me 
Religious Scouting Award.
Now there is me, fat and sassy. Owned a cafe till March, sold it and now I cook
at DJs.  Of course I eat everything I cook so it's no wonder I'm overweight.
I don't belong to any clubs, just don't have time.  We have a four bedrooms, 
two story house so I've plenty to do besides work. Love to sew (now I'm into
painting on T-shirts and sweatshirts). The troops like to eat so I spend a 
lot of time in the kitchen, everything from scratch.