Leo and Bonnie

I am Leo Hohensee, number thirteen of the Henry and Ella (Dirks) Hohensee clan. My wife, Bonnie of almost
35 years and me live on a farm near Pleasant Dale, NE, which is about fifteen miles west of Lincoln. We are
very proud of our family of three boys and three grandsons. I am a district maintenance supervisor with the
state of Nebraska. I am responsible for about 1600 miles of road. Bonnie is the backbone and beauty of the
family and has been teaching for almost 20 years. She teaches second grade at Dorchester, NE.

Douglas, our oldest and his wife Denise live in northwest Lincoln, NE with their two sons, Adam (2) and
Andrew (6). Doug works with the state of Nebraska engineers. Denise is a registered nurse with the Upjohna
health care organization.

David is the manager of a seed company in Holdredge, NE and his wife, Teresa is a registered nurse at the
hospital in Holdredge.They have a 1 1/2-year-old son,Travis. They make their home in Funk, NE which is about
150 miles west of Lincoln.

Daniel, our youngest, makes his home in Lincoln, NE. He like his motheris a teacher of geometry and computer
science at Lincoln Southeast High School. He also coaches varsity soccer and sophomore football.

We have heard rumors of wedding bells, but at this writing they are not very loud. At our Christmas Dinner
hosted by Irene and Bill Stewart, Leola Beerenstrauch andher daughter Sharleen.

There were eight of my brothers and sisters present along with a large number of nieces, nephews and We
also had three youngsters less than one year old, so the Hohensee's are still at it in Nebraska.

Throughout the last year we also had an abundance of good things happen, good health, a fair crop and plenty
of hopes and dreams. We also had some times of despair and sorrow and again just recently an awful lot of
tears. But with God's help and new hope we are looking forward to a new year and our prayers are with the all
the Dirks and Hohensee's wherever they may be and may God Bless You All. 

You are always welcome and we always have and extra bed, slice of bread and a tall cool one.