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 Introduction to the Dirks Website

 Genealogy will include data on the Dirks and their spouses. The data will only be limited by our efforts to collect and record. The family will continue to expand due to marriages, and so, the data base will continue to grow. Any genealogy software will be useful to those collecting data. The site will make available to anyone requesting data the latest copy of the dirks.ged file. This is a standard genealogy file that can be input into any genealogy software. The genealogy jdirks.ged file is available from jrdirks@att.net.

The Family History will be the work of individuals who are willing to write about themselves and their families. We encourage everyone to write a little or a lot about themselves. Those of us who are fortunate to discover some family history recorded by a previous generation are encouraged to present it. As the data is received it will be given its own webpage and indexed in the Family History.

The Dirks Newsletter is compiled monthly and mailed around the 5th. The newsletter is mailed to those who write each month and to those who are unable to write due to health reasons.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide material for those doing genealogy research and to keep family and friends aware of current events. Please send your inputs to “The Dirks Newsletter", 410 S. Westview Derby, KS 67037. The newsletter will be posted on the website http://jrdirks.com/. A printed copy of the newsletter will be mailed to those who write and do not have computers on-line.

Other Websites—Links
will be provided to other websites of families as they become available. You may suggest websites that you may find interesting and they will be considered as links. These sites will not be controlled by this site and may come and go as they may be deleted from the World Wide Web (WWW) by their owner. As an example I find the WWII of Iwo Jima very interesting.

Photo Sites
--Picasa is a photo website that is used to present the family pictures and videos. The website is free and I suggest each participant get their own account and upload the pictures of their family that they feel appropriate. There are many photo sites so take your pick.