Dirks Family

History and Genealogy

Harold Nomann

(Story of My Life)

I was born on a farm northeast of Palmer, Iowa to Henry and Anna (Panbecker)Nomann on June 19, 1923. The years were good except during the depression years of 1930-1936. Most of our food was raised in our large gardens, beef and pork from our cattle and pigs and chicken and eggs from out poultry house. We did all our own butchering and cleaning chickens. We also canned a lot of vegetables and meat. We had no running water or inside plumbing. We heated all water for baths and washing clothes on a corn cob and wood stove. I attended country school, and most of the time we had to walk. Most of the roads were dirt, no gravel or blacktop. In the fall of the year we had "Corn husking" vacation from school to help our parents pick corn by hand. The wagon was pulled by horses. When I would help the neighbor or another farmer husk corn I got 3¢ a bushel in the years 1939-1940.

I worked on a farm east of Palmer for $35.00 a month for a couple years and then I worked for Larene's uncle Carl Joens for $70.00 per month. Then came the biggest day of my life when I married Larene Hohensee (daughter of Fred and Mary Hohensee) on her birthday August 24, 1944 at the St. Peters Lutheran Church in Pocahontas. For 1 year we lived west of Palmer and farmed with my parents. The following year we started farming for ourselves 1/2 mile south of Pocahontas. In 1946 a handsome son was born (Arnie). In 1950 a beautiful little girl (Elaine) were very thankful to have 3 healthy children.

In 1952 we moved to a farm 3/4 mile east of Plover where we lived for 14 years. A 500 card club was organized among neighbors during those years and this same club is still in existence and very active. We play cards every second Sunday evening during the months of November through March, and there are 18 of us. We still have many friends in the Havelock and Plover area.

In the Spring of 1966 we had a farm sale and moved to Pocahontas. We lived in Larene's mothers house for 1 year and then we built a new home in the northwest part of Pocahontas where we still live. Right after our sale I began working at the Farmer's Coop in Pocahontas where I was employed for 20 years. My wages when I first started was $1.47 per hour plus benefits. In 1972 we took our 2 weeks vacation from our jobs and took the Nurses Aid-orderly course and Emergency Medical Technician course (EMT-A) at Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Larene worked in the Pocahontas Hospital as a Nurse Aid and ward clerk and also as a EMT-A, and on weekends and holidays when I did not work at the elevator, I worked as an orderly and EMT-A at the hospital.

In 1987 I retired, except the ambulance job, which I am still very active in. I also help a farmer in the spring and fall. I also help the funeral director some. I enjoy doing repair work at the church and parsonage, making things with wood, playing pool at a neighbors house, visiting our children, playing cards with friends, going to coffee.

In 1990 we went to Germany for 3 weeks, which we really enjoyed. Would like to go back someday.